How to enable the new Gmail right now. Know its new features and functionality!

By | April 27, 2018



Gmail has gone through a massive redesign. The new version of Gmail not only look spectacular but also offers a plenty of new features Such as confidential mode, high priority notification & better offline support.

How to enable the new Gmail right now

Getting the newer version of Gmail is very easy. Just follow the steps mentioned below.


Gmail has first time introduced the option of snoozing, nudging & confidential mode.


Confidential mode: In this mode, sender will able to set an expiration date for a sensitive email & revoke it completely. In this category of mail your confidential information will not go directly to the receiver. You are sending only link of the content which is available in your mailbox. The sender is now can decide that till how long other parties can access the message. Gmail has enabled the sender to hand out a time-limited access license.

Integrated rights management: The new Gmail will allow you to block the forwarding, copying, downloading or printing of the particular message

Two Factor Authentication: Two-factor authentication via SMS is also introduced in the newer version, you can request the recipient to enter the verification code before opening the confidential mail.

Email Snoozing: It has introduced nicely with hover menu, the user can now archive, delete, mark as a read or snooze it for later directly on message list itself.

Google Smart reply: Gmail mobile app functionality has also been introduced with the suggestive smart reply.

Among all visual modification, the biggest functional UI change to Gmail on the web is the addition of new collapsible right-hand side panel. This is a serious attempt to better integrate G suit app, with google calendar, google keep and google task. This side panel will let you organize the meeting, plan out your day or scribble down few notes without leaving an email to any other app.

So now what are you waiting for, change your Gmail version hurry. If you have any doubt/query, do leave your comment in the comment box

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