storage quota wordpress ,Sorry 10mb Storage Space Limit

By | June 14, 2017

storage quota wordpress ,Have you filled up your WordPress storage quota,Wordpress 10mb Storage Space Limit ,Unable to upload. You have used the allowed storage quota

storage quota wordpress


Sorry, you have used all of your storage quota  some users get this type error on  there WordPress multi-site “network” installations . And this is not your server and hosting issue so don’t worry about that.


Sorry, you have used all of your storage quota wordpress

So what is the issue ?

first of all this is not a issue , in WordPress multi-site “network” option to set limit of upload file for all listed domain.

How to  change limit  of WordPress storage quota?


  •  First of Log in to your WordPress site  with  admin account and navigate to ‘My Sites’–>’Network Admin’–>’Dashboard’
  •  Select ‘Settings’–>’Network Settings’
  •  Where you see  ‘Site upload space’ field   with checked checkbox , unchecked the checkbox for remove  limit from all site,  you can also raise memory size .
  •  Save changes
  • and done


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if your website in  , check this link

Thanks if you have any other issue ask in comments .


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